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In South Carolina, it is estimated that one-third of South Carolina children do not have the literacy skills needed to be successful in kindergarten.  Recent testing suggests that as much as 67% of the state’s third graders are not reading at grade appropriate levels.  Children who fall behind in reading proficiency are more likely to drop out of school, be unemployed, and live in poverty.

Books In-Home Are Key

Having books at home is the key to a child’s success.  It sounds too simple to be true, but research has shown than children growing up in homes with books get three years more schooling than children from bookless homes, regardless of income or their parents’ education.

More Kids Ready for Kindergarten

My First Books SC is preparing South Carolina children for kindergarten and a lifetime of success by helping them build a home library.  More than 34,000 children across the state are receiving books through this remarkable initiative.

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